Day off!

So remember when I wrote that today I wasn't going to do much other than post and play "Burnout 3." Well, I was half right. I posted the latest issue of SportsPickle (which you're free to check out after you've finished reading today's entry. As for the rest of the day, I spent most of it playing "Def Jam: Fight for New York." Watching Pooz play it last night, I didn't think it would be too great of a game, but then I started playing.

I picked up the game when Pooz went to bed at about 1 a.m. then finally forced myself to stop playing at 4 a.m. I'd already completed about 35 percent of story mode and gotten some serious bling for my character (one of the points of the game is to buy stuff with your earnings, like clothes and jewelry). So when I woke up at like 11:30, Pooz was playing again -- he went to work at 12:30, then I played until 4 p.m., at which point I'd finished the story mode of the game. My character is seriously awesome now, and I've bought some of the best finishing moves in the game, so I'll have to get some one-on-one action with Pooz once he builds up his character a little more.

Otherwise, today was a pretty uneventful day. Moore and I did end up leaving the apartment at about 7:30 or so. We checked out CompUSA, which didn't have anything interesting in stock, so I managed to not spend money there. We stopped by Westfarms, and the Apple Store (obviously) for a brief BlackOps meeting, before heading over to Buckland, where I picked up the Collector's Edition of "Star Trek: Generations." Moore is a much bigger Star Trek fan than I am, but he's not a fan of this movie. I actually liked it more than I thought I would, and it's grown on me over the years. I loved the idea of Kirk and Picard fighting side-by-side.

Also, I noticed a couple interesting things at the mall. First off, at Westfarms, yesterday I ate at Sbarro, which is all the way across the mall from the Apple Store. On my walk there, I passed six empty spots, plus an Ann Taylor store that's undergoing renovations. Most of the empty spots are covered with generic mall covering, but the Victoria's Secret full store, which is undergoing renovations is a notable exception. Buckland meanwhile has much fewer empty spots, but does have something very disturbing: a Christmas Store. That's right, it's not even October, and Buckland has their temporary holiday store already set up. I'm not a fan.

The new DGOW and Versus are up, and it's a big week in Versus, as Britney Spears finally makes an appearance in the polls. Obviously you know who I'm voting for (as much as it pains me not to vote for my favorite Spice Girl). Please vote accordingly (oh, and the other poll, Cox vs. Crawford, is the first in the "Wild Card" region, which is the final region of the first round of the tournament).