Whoever wins, we lose...

...seriously, we lose. Oh boy, do we lose. A bunch of us from work got to see a sneak preview of "AVP" last night (thanks Pam!) and it was a disaster. My fear going in -- that there woudln't be enough of a plot to tie together the cool action sequences -- was very well founded. The plot was bad to begin with, and it was poorly executed at that. The whole movie sucked. To sum it up, the main Predator teammed up with a human. That's right, Predator decided he needed a buddy to kill the Aliens. So he picks the girl from "Love and Basketball." Oh my God, don't get me started. Don't get Pooz started either. He'll rant for hours.

Oh, and being the moron that I am, I forgot to grab the points standings from work. I'll try to do that tomorrow (and post it too). Plus, I'm opening, so I'm gonna play some Madden when I get home.

Peace up, A-Town down. (and I'm gonna keep using that until I find a better way to close these... and I will find a better way.