What if you could journey to different dimensions...

So I just got finished watching the DVD set of the first two seasons of "Sliders" and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the show when it was on. There were some very good episodes and few bad ones (besides, every series has its bad episodes). Now the only debate is how many seasons do I buy once they're all released. I'm almost certain I'm going to buy Season 3 on DVD, and I may even get season 4, but I can't imagine picking up Season 5, unless its bundled with Season 4. In fact, I can't imagine many "Sliders" fans picking up the disastrous Season 5 on its own, with Rembrandt being the only survivor of the original cast.

I didn't do a whole bunch else on my day off, though I did finally get around to getting my car washed. It was starting to get pretty nasty on the outside. Now I just need to get the hood looked at and everything will be OK.

So Jason, one of my former managers, stopped by the store yesterday. He's moving to Virginia and he needed some boxes, but we got to talking, and he showed me something very strange. He happened to be browsing the photo gallery for the Xserve Upgrade to "System X" (the Mac-based cluster at Virginia Tech) and he found this picture. It's like my long lost twin brother. Seriously, if I shaved, I'd be able to walk into the System X room right now without anyone questioning it. Just compare that picture to my profile picture.

In other Mac-related news, the temporary authorization for my G5 went through again on my credit card. I'm hoping this means it'll be shipping soon (my 20" display is starting to get lonely being hooked up to nothing). For now though, I'm still sticking with the OOB shipping date of September 3. Of course, I've now got all my drives hooked up to the iMac on the desk, so when I do get the G5, I'll be able to simply move one FireWire cable over and be done with the transfer.

"Free ain't easy. Free is real. And real's a motherfucker." - Drew "Bundini" Brown.