Enjoying my day off...

I probably could have been much more productive today, but I wanted to enjoy my day off. I'm off today and Thursday this week, then Saturday, then I've got a long stretch of work coming up, as Pooz and Moore are headed to Atlanta for a long weekend. The work is gonna suck, but it'll be nice to have this whole place to myself.

By the way, if you haven't seen the place yet, check out the photo gallery, or better yet, the webcam, which is up and running after a day off to upgrade the hard drive in the iMac. I've got a nice, quiet 30 GB drive in there now, which is more capacity than I really need, but it's practically silent compared to the 13 GB that was in there.

In other computer news, I'm still waiting for my G5. The temporary authorization on my credit card is gone, but my OOB date is still Sept. 3, so I'm holding out hope that I'll have this thing by mid-September. I may try hooking up my display to something in the interim, even if just temporarily to make sure that it works and see how the desktops look on it. I finished converting the black background images today and got a start on the white ones. Of course, I've still got 344 images to convert to 1680x1050 (from 1024x768) so having the time before the G5 arrives is nice. In a related item, once the G5 arrives, I'll still be posting the DGOW in 1024x768, since that's a more standard resolution than the 16:10 aspect ratio of a Cinema Display.

Well, not really much else to talk about today. Pooz, Moore and I played some "Zelda: Four Swords" last night (and this morning, since we were playing until about 2:30 a.m.) and it's an addicting game. Hopefully we can get a fourth person with a GBA over here to play soon, because that would be the true gameplay experience.

"Free ain't easy. Free is real. And real's a motherfucker." - Drew "Bundini" Brown.