Still waiting...

Well, the paperwork for the apartment should be finalized today, which will be nice, because then I can start packing some of my more critical stuff. I need to start packing jerseys, because they're going to take up a ton of boxes.

Yesterday was Sharkbait's birthday party and we played a big game of football on his lawn. Borawski took some video, so hopefully I can post something on here once I get my hands on the edited footage. I had some decent throws, but I paid for it. My shoulder is killing me right now, as are my back and my knees. Still, it was worth it. Surprisingly my neck doesn't hurt, despite getting nailed by the ball on a pass. If we'd been playing NFL rules, I would've been called for pass interference for not turning my head toward the play. But we weren't even playing tackle.

Just to let you know, I didn't forget about DGOW and Versus. They're coming later in the day. Right now I'm working on getting a timeline history of my book up. It should be ready by tomorrow.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, the iTunes Music Store hit 100,000,000 songs sold. The song count on the front page of doesn't seem to be being updated anymore, but the actual count does, so I'm leaving it up on the right for a few more days.