One hour...

Lindsay turns 18 in one hour. I don't know at exactly which hour she was born, but it doesn't matter. As of midnight, she'll be legal, which will be a fun time in America. Hell, maybe "Mean Girls" will make its way back into theaters to commemorate the event (I doubt it. Just get it to DVD and I'll be happy).

In more important personal news, I'm back to being a Mac Genius. Obviously I can't get into all the details, but a position came open in the store, and I decided I'd be happier as a Genius than a keyholder. Plus, the title is so much cooler!

As for apartment stuff, I'm already packing, even though we haven't heard back on our application yet. I'm only packing things right now that I don't need (like my CDs and my books) and I don't see any reason our application would be denied, so I'm trying to get ready early.

If you get a chance, check out my buddy DJ's column on Page 2. He's been writing a little bit more for them lately, but still manages to put out SportsPickle on a weekly basis. If you're not a SportsPickle regular, you should be. It's a great site (and I'm the webmaster. Go now, dammit. Or go when you finish reading my site, whatever).

Oh, and Eric, if you happen to be reading this: HA-HA! Coach K's leaving Duke! I'm so happy! "Coach L.A." is gonna be a total bust. It's awesome, baby! (Sorry, I had to slip a Dookie V reference in there).