Just working, a lot...

So, I wanted to get back to a lot of updates this week, but I'm in the middle of a seven-day work stretch, so I'm trying to, you know, sleep when I can. Still, wanted to post a quicky note here.

Black Ops went out to Hooters last night, for, as Deathfighter put it, "beer, wings and tittie." Fun was had by all. Once we get into the apartment, we're hoping to start a web comic, so you'll be able to follow our adventures in fictional form. For example, last night, some tools outside starting gesturing at Deathfighter through the window. He went outside, and when he did, they ran and nothing came of it. In the comic, he would have removed their spines from their bodies in bloody fashion. That would've been fun.

I picked up NFL 2K5 for my Xbox today and I may play it a little tonight, once I get some other stuff out of the way. Once I play, I'll let you know what I think of it. From what most of the reviews say, both 2K5 and Madden are amazing, but 2K5 might be a little better. Plus, it was only $20. Not bad.