It’s official

Jennifer from Waterford Commons called Pooz today and told him she got the paperwork from Apple for employment verification so we're all set for the apartment. Pooz should be getting the final paperwork in the mail in the next couple days, then it's just a matter of doing lots of packing between now and July 31. I'm probably going to do a ton of packing this weekend, since I'm off Saturday and Sunday.

As I promised, DGOW and Versus have been updated. Actually, Versus was updated around 2:00, and the DGOW was posted to the downloads page around the same time, I just didn't get around to updating the front page until now.

I'm watching the MLB Home Run Derby right now, which ESPN is showing in high definition. It's pretty cool just be able to see how good sports can look in HD, and the home run derby is a pretty cool event. Just seeing guys crush the ball is awesome. Bonds came real close to hitting the $1,000,000 sign in right field, and then said he'd take aim for it in the second round. That'll be something to watch for.

So the Carlos Boozer saga is starting to get out of control. Recapping: the Cavs declined to pick up Boozer's minimum salary option, so they could offer him a more fair contract. Boozer agreed, and said he'd sign with the Cavs. Then the market went crazy, and the Jazz offered Boozer $20 million more than the Cavs could. Now, rather than decline and stick with his agreement with Cleveland, Boozer said he'd sign Utah's offer sheet. Then, after a weekend of being lambasted by the press and public, Boozer's agent (who is also Kobe's agent) resigned as his agent and SFX, the agent's company, cut ties with Boozer. Now Cleveland is offering Boozer a one-year, $5 million deal which would be less than he'd get from Utah this year, but he'd become an unrestricted free agent next year, when Cleveland could actually offer him more than this year, but the open market might not be as crazy.

Right now, I'm split on my feelings. One half of me says the Cavs should cut ties with Boozer, publicly declare him a traitor and then state that their mid-level exception is up for grabs to any power player who is an "honest, stand-up person," cutting right at Boozer and killing his endorsement capabilities. Then again, there's no one out there as good as Boozer, and if there's a chance they can keep him around, my other half asks, why not go for it? This is probably the debate going on in the Cavs offices right now. If Boozer decides to sign with Utah, even with the Cavs' latest offer, Cleveland has to come out firing, but in a way that makes it seem like they're a family and they were wronged so they send a message to the rest of the NBA future free agents that Boozer made a mistake and Cleveland is a place to play for years to come. Of course, the prospect of playing alongside LeBron should make Cleveland a place to be by itself.