I’m back

I'm really sorry about the total lack of updates in the past week, but I have a good explanation: I'm lazy. Really, I wish I had something better than that, but if you haven't noticed, this isn't done with any kind of blogging software or anything like that. I do this all in Adobe GoLive. I'm going to try to keep this file open on my laptop, so I can add quick updates when I feel like it, but don't expect anything more than every other day at best.

Onto stuff that doesn't involve me apologizing for lateness. Pooz, Moore and I signed our lease yesterday, and I've done ever more packing. In fact, I'm down to not quite bare essentials, but I'm pretty close. My PS2 and GameCube are all packed, as are my 40 GB iPod and my iPod mini and my G4 Cube. I'm down to three active computers, and I'll probably move both of the iMacs over to the pile of boxes by the end of the week, leaving me with just the iBook for my last week here.

Back to the apartment in general, I'll be moving in on July 31, after working a 9-3 shift that day. Then I'll have the rest of the week off, at some point which Pooz will probably move in. He was going to paint his room, but after reading the lease, it seems like there's a lot of damn paperwork to do that, so he may skip that now. Also the first week there should be interesting. The cable and Internet aren't going to be hooked up until August 3rd, so there'll probably be a lot of DVD watching and video game playing (and a lot of not updating my web site, sorry).

So, since I haven't updated you guys on anything in a week, I should probably tell you all the exciting things I did. Ummm.... and we're done. Other than packing, I didn't really do much last week, as far as I can remember.

Oh, wait, I did do one thing that became a very long thing: I bought NCAA Football 2005 for Xbox. Oh, man, this is the best football game I've ever played. I already played through an entire season with UConn and I'm three games into my second season. In my first season I went 12-0 and finished No. 2 in the polls. In a very realistic simulation of real college football, I took about nine weeks to break into the polls, then, even as one of two undefeated teams in the nation, I couldn't break into the title game. I did beat C-USA champ Southern Miss (the other undefeated team) in the Suger Bowl, though. In my second season, I scheduled much tougher, playing No. 1 Texas and No. 5 Miami in my first two games. Despite starting the season unranked (I lost my starting QB and half my starting defense, so I don't blame the pollsters for that one) I'm already in the top 10. I should be a unanimous No. 1 by halfway through the season. Oh, also very realistic, Terry Caulley, my tailback, ran for 2500 yards and 30 TDs, but finished second in the Heisman voting, because he didn't have enough national pub. He did win the Maxwell Award, so that was a nice consolation.

The new features in NCAA 2005 -- Homefield Advantage and Player Discipline -- are very cool, but rather ancillary to the game in general. With a good tailback, homefield advantage is pretty easy to overcome, because you slow the game down. Player discipline is a little tougher. For example, I let Caulley slide on just about everything (he should have been suspended twice for academic violations) and now I'm on two year NCAA probation. I didn't lose any scholarships or postseason appearances, but if I slip up again this year, I could. Which means if Caulley slips up, I have to suspend him.

An extra nice plus in NCAA 2005 is they have I-AA teams, with fairly accurate uniforms, stadiums and logos. In fact, the first game I played was Morgan State vs. Towson, at Johnny Unitas Stadium (and the announcers actually called it that, which was very cool). I destroyed Morgan State, which was extra awesome.

Wrapping up here (sure I've missed a week, but you're not here to read a dissertation), DGOW and Versus are updated. Be sure to vote. Also, check the "Wear Yellow" link on the right side. I have my bracelet. Be sure to get yours. I'll try to have another update tomorrow, should life warrant one.