Where’s Adam?...

OK, sorry about the utter lack of updates for the past two days. This one isn't going to be long, since I'm on my way out, but I'm gonna give you a quickie recap of the past two days, in case I'm too drunk later to post anything intelligible.

Friday: bought a whole bunch of GBA games and played them for much of the afternoon. I also got the Pitch Black Unrated DVD, and discovered why having a GBA is awesome: I can sit in my big black chair, watch a DVD on my big TV and still play a game at the same time. Oh, and I wrote a little bit more of my novel.

Saturday: woke up with a crazy headache, probably because I was up until 3 a.m. playing GBA. Doh! I did finish off the Legend of Zelda first quest, but didn't get much else done, thanks to the headache. Oh, I did write some more. I'm almost done with chapter 12, then just the final two chapters. I need to be in the right mindset to write them, because they're pretty dark, moreso than any other chapters in the book.

I finally got around to taking the pictures of my living space here. I'll post those in the photos section later on, along with some updated jersey galleries this week.

Oh, the NBA Finals begin tonight, so I guess it's time to make an official prediction. I'd like to say Lakers in a sweep, but I also want to think that Detroit's defense can steal a game. So, let's go with Lakers in 5. Detroit wins game 3.

Now it's time to head over to Pooz's place for a crazy party (or so we hope... the weather's killing us here... stupid rain).