“We’re playing bas-ket-ball!”...

I decided to go up to the Basketball Hall of Fame today, rather than tomorrow, so I can dedicate the next three days to writing. And not a single exhibit dedicated to Kurtis Blow. Or Master P. Or even Lil Bow Wow for that matter. Not anyone who's recorded the song "Basketball." Oh well.

I got a later start than I wanted to, but there wasn't a whole lot to see there, so despite the fact I got up there at 3:30 didn't matter. Obviously the hall of fame has changed a lot since the last time I was up there -- they built a whole new building for it -- and they took away the coolest part of it: the conveyor belt with the different hoops to shoot at. Sure, they have a whole court now, but it's just not the same.

Also, as I was walking through the place, I had to keep reminding myself that Michael Jordan isn't a hall-of-famer yet. There isn't much for him there. Of course, come 2009 the place will be like Jordan central. If you haven't figured it out yet (probably because you haven't been by my jersey gallery) I'm a huge MJ fan. I practically worship him, as does most of my generation. There's no one who did more for his sport in the past 20 years than Michael Jordan, not Bird, not Magic, not Montana, not anyone. I might give you Gretzky, if anyone cared about hockey in the way they care about basketball.

Also, one of the cool things about the Hall of Fame is once you're done with the museum itself, is that you get 50 percent off at the Reebok store, which has tons of NBA jerseys. Of course, I bought two: Kevin Garnett and Mike Bibby, both authentic. I also got a T'wolves hat, which obviously goes with the jersey, but is also just a pretty cool hat.

On, non-basketball related matters, I finally finished chapter 11 in my novel, the second-to-last chapter that takes place when Tyler is in college. Now, moving into the last three chapters, I get to some really juicy stuff, kind of the big climax to this complicated story. If I finish this weekend (which I really hope to do), I'll post some of the early chapters for you to read.

Well, I'm off to Moore and Geoff's apartment for some drinking and video game playing. Be sure to check out my photo gallery from the HOF today (57 pictures) and of course my LOTR swords. And I'll get some apartment pictures up this week, I promise.