Vacation, Day 3...

Ok, so I still haven't really done a whole lot on this so-called vacation. I did manage to get to the DMV and get my driver's license, which was less annoying than I thought it would be. Sure, I did have to wait a total of about 45 minutes, but I didn't have to get my picture re-taken, and the wait wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be when I first arrived.

I also got the DV camera I wanted, and set that up in my bedroom as a second webcam. It's offline at this moment (as I'm using the iBook in my living room to type) but it's going to be up most of the time. I also can use the camcorder as an analog-to-digital converter, which will be helpful for finally getting some of my old sporting event tapes digitized. My first task was converting LeBron James's high school senior year game against Oak Hill, which was pretty easy. I may actually make a DVD of it, just to see how that comes out. I'm then going to do Michael Jordan's last game (his real one with the Bulls in the Finals against the Jazz, not that crappy Wizards one) and maybe some others that I have laying around.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm actually gonna get started on some writing for tonight, then do some serious work tomorrow. I'll even post some of it here for you to read. That should be fun!