See, what had happened...


See, I thought I was supposed to work 1-10 today. Apparently I was supposed to work 8-5. Thankfully, Omar called at like 8:15 and got me awake, otherwise, there would've been some crazy bad issues. As it turns out, everything was fine, nothing was broken. S'all good.

Oh yeah, and I haven't updated the site for three days. D'oh. I'm way too busy celebrating the crazy stock price rise of my employer to do anything else. We're up to $32.91 and were above $33 for most of the day Friday. Plus my mutual funds have been going up steadly for the past two months too. Eventually I'm going to sell everything and pay off all my debt. It'll be freakin' awesome.

Pooz, Moore and I checked out some apartments in Middletown and one of them was pretty nice. But Pooz and I went back to the place in Manchester, and it really does blow them away. Plus, they're offering a sweet move-in deal if we get in by August 31. It's getting some very serious consideration. I just don't know how much longer I can live at home without going crazy. I want to blast my music and movies loud at 8:00 at night, but I can't because of the baby (and the family, they're not fans either). Apple Frat House is slowly but surely becoming a reality. It's gonna be sweet.

Also, I just noticed, Jennifer Love Hewitt is kicking Kirsten Dunst's ass in the Versus poll. What's up with that. Sure, I voted for J-Love (and I'm sure by calling her "J-Love" I've just cost her at least one vote) but I thought Dunst would get more support, especially with "Spider-Man 2" coming out next week.

Speaking of movies coming out soon, Black Ops is going to see "Dodgeball" tonight. Should be good. Moore and I still need to find a time to go see "Stepford Wives," basically to watch hot Australian Nicole Kidman for two hours. We're big fans. Pooz, not so much (he hates the bitch, or so he says). I'll let you know my thoughts on them (then again, when haven't I let you know my thoughts on a movie I saw? Exactly.).

One more thing... less than two weeks 'til Lindsay's birthday. Just thought I'd let you know. A Maxim spread can't be far behind.