Quickie post...

I don't have a whole lot to say right now, but I just wanted to get the moving of all the May posts out of the way. Everything from May is now on its own page, and this one will be here for all of June. Then it moves (see, this isn't that complicated).

So, Derek Fisher did play and the Lakers did win. Not a huge surprise. Despite what some so-called experts are now saying, I don't think either of the Eastern Conference teams has a chance to beat LA. Mainly because neither of them has anyone who can stop Shaq (and don't get me started on Ben Wallace, who is great in the East, but has no chance of stopping Shaq. He's not strong enough.).

I'm gonna go swing by the DMV and get my license, then go to the store to get my DV camcorder. I'm not sure whether I want to swing by Borders today to do some writing or if I just want to get started here and do the Borders thing later in the week. Obviously, I'll keep you all posted.