Not an eBay fan right now...

OK, so the Saturn I picked up off eBay doesn't work, and I get the feeling I'm not going to hear from the guy ever again. Then again, I might. Who knows. Also, I asked the person who I won the SNES from for a tracking number and still haven't gotten that. D'oh.

So I'm still looking to buy a working Saturn, though right now I'm going to wait until I have the SNES in hand before I do that. If I don't get a refund on the Saturn I have right now, at least I'll have one for spare parts (and I may still be able to get it working, I just didn't have the patience last night).

I have to fess up. Versus is more than just a weekly feature. I actually have this whole tournament going. I planned it out from my Desktop Girls. However, doing one match a week means the tournament would actually stretch over a year long. So I'm picking up the pace. Two polls per week now. Just reload the page and you may get a different poll.

So, Friday is the big day (Lindsay turns 18!). Next Monday, I promise you both DGOW and Versus featuring Lindsay, and maybe something else, if I can figure out something else to post.