Mission accomplished...

There's only one word to describe today: awesome. The day started off normally enough, with me exchanging the Garnett jersey I bought today for one that's the right size. Then things got a little crazy.

We drove into Springfield to find this comic shop owned by this guy that Pooz and Moore met at Wizard World, and after some slight directional mishaps, we found it, and honestly it was kind of under-whelming, especially after having seen Harrison's last month. Also, the guy they met wasn't even there today, so it wasn't as good as it could have been. Still, Pooz bought a cool Batman statue and Superman back issue, so it wasn't a complete waste.

After that, we were just driving along and Pooz says "do we go to Holyoke or back to Connecticut." I, not knowing any better say Holyoke. As it turns out, neither Moore nor I had ever been to the Holyoke mall, which is rather nice. Three levels (though the first level is small, mostly a food court and arcade) and plenty of varying stores -- including the only mall-attached Best Buy I've ever seen. Pooz came very close to buying a bunch of stuff at Best Buy, which is where we came in, but decided to wait until we left, which was a good decision.

As we were walking around the top level, we spotted a store on the second level that had a John Elway throwback jersey in the window, and Pooz immediately says to me, "you have to buy that jersey." So, after walking around a little more, we make our way to that store -- "Against All Odds" -- and see a sign in the door: "Official Mitchell and Ness Dealer." I'm done.

I'll save you the sordid details of the conversations in the store -- let's just say that at various times, seven different jerseys costing more than $300 each were involved -- and instead skip straight to the damage: Four authentic M&N jerseys for $670. It's not as bad as it sounds. One of them was Pooz's (a Gayle Sayers long-sleeved Bears jersey). As for me, I got an '86 Doc Gooden Mets jersey, an '89 Bo Jackson Royals jersey and an '86 Doug Williams Redskins jersey. Pictures will be posted soon.

So, after a trip to the food court for some lunch, we made our way out of the mall. Pooz decided to not get any of the stuff he wanted at Best Buy, given that he'd just dropped $145 on a jersey. So we headed back to Pooz's place and played some video games for a couple hours or so. Shawn Kemp, despite some accuracy from deep, was back to being Shawn Kemp (that is to say, fat and not a good basketball player), and Lamar Odom, though not the player he'd been in the past, did save me in one game. Rather than sit on our asses and play games all afternoon (and evening) we went to see "The Day After Tomorrow," which we'd heard nothing but bad things about.

Well, the movie wasn't terrible, though the dialogue was. As Pooz pointed out, if the movie doesn't win an Oscar for special effects, he's gonna boycott something... or something like that. Honestly, if it doesn't win, we're not gonna do anything about it, but it would be an injustice. Oh, and after seeing it, I do have to mention one thing: if Jake Gyllenhaal is the next Superman, then I'll never see another Superman movie. I can't think of many people who I'd want to see play Superman, but I can think of dozens, if not hundreds, I'd pick before him. He could play Jimmy Olson, maybe, but not the Man of Steel. Hell, I'd take Shaq as Superman before I'd take Jake fucking Gyllenhaal, no matter how hot his sister is.

So, driving home from Pooz's, Moore and I were discussing the movie and we came to a simple realization. You can drive however the fuck you want, so long as you keep a folder on your passenger seat that has a government seal on the front and on the inside has a fake report with "Classified" stamped on it and key phrases like "Climatic shift," "mass destruction," "millions in danger," "imminent implications" in boldface and highlighted. Maybe throw in some scribbled notes. Then, when a cop pulls you over for driving 100 mph, you just scream "I have to get to Washington! The president must be warned!" Then hand him the folder. He'll get all worried and you'll be all set. If the cop offers to give you a police escort, you just say "no, you have to warn as many as you can! There's no time! The hour is upon us!" This is what me and Moore talk about. And no, we're not insane.

Oh, and to top everything off, when I got home, what was waiting for me, but my new GameBoy Advance SP, NES Edition. I'm gonna have to go out tomorrow to buy some games, and probably a GBA-GameCube connector, just because I can.

Well, I guess that covers everything. If you've read this far, I commend you (or I'm worried about you, and your unhealthy obsession with me). More to come tomorrow.