It’s go time...

That was Dave Moore's message to me and Pooz at 1:15 this morning. We both had an idea of what it meant, but we weren't sure until we talked to him around noon. He's in, and we're getting an apartment.

Now, thanks to the delays, it's not the apartment we thought we'd end up with, but the one we did put a hold on is actually a little bit bigger, and $20 a month cheaper.

As for eBay, I'm not as angry as I was yesterday. The Saturn thing still bothers me, especially because I did hear from the guy and he is basically getting into a semantic argument with me. He defines functional as "getting power." I define it as "being able to interactively play a game." Whatever. I bought another one already, for less than this one, and now I'll have two controllers, an A/V cable for my Genesis, and spare parts should I need them (I found out the Saturn is very easy to take apart).

The T-Mac/Stevie Franchise trade went down, and Pooz thinks the Magic actually got the better end of the deal, based on the fact that Cuttino Mobley is a better player than people give him credit for. While I agree with the latter statement, I can't agree with the former. After the trade, the Magic may move from the bottom of the East, to the middle of the pack (7-10 or so). The Rockets, though, immediately become a top four or five team in the West, especially with the Lakers ready to dismantle.

The question now becomes can the Magic convince Dallas to take Francis for some of their spare parts, in the hopes of pairing up Francis and Shaq to rival the duo of T-Mac and Yao. It'd be a great rivalry for the next couple of years. Then again, so would just about anyone with Shaq if he gets to play in the same state as Yao.

OK, time to go wait in line for "Spider-Man 2." People are saying this movie is amazing. I believe them. That's why I'm going to a 12:01 show, rather than waiting until after work tomorrow.