Black Ops road trip...

So it turns out I'm going to the Basketball Hall of Fame today after all. Well, that's only because I ended up with the wrong size Garnett jersey, so I have to go up and exchange it. After that, Pooz, Moore and I are gonna find something to do.

Last night, Pooz and I were over at Moore and Geoff's apartment, and we got some NBA Street action going on. We discovered that Shawn Kemp is the new Lamar Odom. A little background: Pooz and I have been playing against each other since the game came out, and a few months back, I started playing as the Clippers. It was at this point that we found out that Lamar Odom has some kind of auto-enabled God mode or something. Seriously, he might be the best player in the game. He plays better than his ratings suggest. If the real-life Lamar Odom were near as good as the NBA Street one, the Heat would be playing the Lakers in the finals right now. Well, last night, Lamar Odom was not his usual self (maybe he was too high or something) so after a couple games, we switched teams and I played as the Suns, while Pooz took the Magic. Out of the gate, we we're making Shawn Kemp fat jokes, but then the weirdest thing happened: Kemp started making plays. I won the first game, but Pooz wanted a re-match and he had a new strategy: give the ball to Kemp at all times. All you need to know about the game is that Kemp hit seven three-pointers. Seven! On one of them, I had just activated my level 2 gamebreaker, so Pooz ran down the shot clock and threw up a prayer from 40 feet, hoping to hit the rim and get the rebound. Instead it went in. We had to pause the game at that point, we were laughing so hard. There was no explanation for what happened, other than maybe one of the programmers was a big fan of Kemp in the early 90s and secretly gave him his stats from his Seattle days. Or he also has a secret God mode.

Well, enough ranting on video games (though I should mention I've started a welterweight career with Suger Shane in "Fight Night" and I'm undefeated through about eight fights so far). I'll let y'all know how the day went when I get back.