So ever since my trip to the Hall of Fame a couple weeks ago, I've wanted to pick up "NBA Ballers" for either PS2 or Xbox. It seemed like a pretty fun game and the graphics were slick, but I didn't want to pay much for it. It dropped from $50 to $40, but I still wanted to wait. Yesterday, Best Buy had it for PS2 for $30, so I broke down and got it. I also got "Quantum Leap" and "Playmakers" on DVD, so it was a productive day.

"NBA Ballers" was, for the most part, more fun than I expected. There are only two frustrating things in my opinion about the game. Load times are crazy long, and for some reason, there's loading involved multiple times when you're choosing gear. Also, because it's 1-on-1, it's hard to change your strategy when you're losing. In "NBA Street" if you're down, you can try going with another player, but in "Ballers" that's not an option.

Otherwise though, it's a great game. The graphics are much slicker than "Street," as the names would suggest. The courts are beautifully rendered, with much attention paid to the little things like weather and the crowd. The gameplay is very similar to "Street" but, because it's 1-on-1, it's harder to break a guy down with a special move and blow right past him. It's still very fun.

I didn't do much else yesterday. I'm gonna try to get some stuff done today, because I think I don't have to be into work until 4:00. I really need to update DVDPedia. It's like two weeks behind, which isn't good. But once again, DGOW and Versus are on time.