Back to work...

Well, after eight consecutive days off from work, it's finally time for me to head back. I had some fun during my time off, but I'm looking forward to getting back to a more regular routine. Also, I'm gonna throw my novel on my iDisk so I can get some work done on it during my lunch breaks at work, as well as at home.

Pooz's party last night was pretty cool. We had a lot of fun, and not as much alcohol as we would have thought, because we actually ran out. Doh.

Speaking of "Doh!" moments, what was up with the Lakers last night. I'm very surprised they lost Game 1, with almost no contribution from their role players. Now, some people seem to think that this could lead to a Pistons series win, but I tend to believe this will play out like the 2000 Finals. The Lakers came into that series cruising, having not lost a playoff game (and not lost any game at all since April 1) but were upset by the Philadelphia 76ers. They went on to win the series in five games, motivated by the loss. That should repeat itself here.

In other sports news, Ken Griffey, Jr. hit two home runs yesterday, pushing his career total to 498. He should hit number 500 sometime this week, which is surprising in that it probably should have happened two years ago. For people my age, there were two athletes who stood head and shoulders above everyone else when we started to seriously follow sports: Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey, Jr. There's a reason why Griffey is the only active player on MLB's all-century team, and it's mostly because he was the unquestioned player of the decade in the 1990s. Sure, in retrospect, people will say Barry Bonds should be in this argument, but the fact is at the time, Griffey was the man. He was the youngest to reach the 200, 300 and 400 homer milestones, and had the sweetest swing in baseball. It was textbook in its ease, and awe-inspiring in its power.

Ok, back to the present. There's a new DGOW and Versus. I'll have the Versus archive page up tonight, along with the photo gallery of my place. Time to get ready for work.