Back on the hunt...

So, let's review: Don't let Kobe touch the ball at the end of a close game. Ever. Seriously. Sure, it didn't work for the Spurs, but how often is Derek Fisher going to burn you. There's only one devil, and you only have one soul to sell, so Fisher isn't going to make that many shots. Kobe on the other hand is Jordanesque in his clutch play. (He is NOT the next Jordan. No one is the next Jordan. They could clone MJ, raise him in an artifically created identical environment, right down to cutting him from his high school team as a sophomore and having Fred Brown throw the ball to James Worthy in the artificial '82, and CloneJordan still wouldn't be the next MJ. I will not argue this any further. Today.) Still, Kobe's damn good. And the Lakers are going to win in five games. The Pistons are so done they didn't even try in overtime. It was sad.

As for more pertinent info relating to me, Pooz and I are going to look at an apartment complex in Manchester. While in the past, I've been opposed to apartments, I really want to get out of the house and I'd like to try living with Pooz and Moore for a while before buying a place with them. Hopefully this place will be as nice in person as the floor plan looks. It seems to have a kitchen layout that lends itself well to a bar area for parties. Which is really all that matters.

Oh, and on a related note, I'm almost out of debt, and by the time we move into a place, I should be completely debt free. Well, except for the fact that I'm going to eventually buy a new Power Mac G5. I was going to hold myself to the mid-range model, but the temptation of a Dual 2.5 GHz system may be too much to pass up. I'd like to wait until I pay off all my credit card debt before I make the purchase, that way I can pay off everything in about five months or so. At least that's the plan.