We gambled and we lost...

So Pooz, Moore and I thought it'd be best to wait until the last day of Wizard World for them to pick up my sword, and we were wrong. By the time they got to the convention today, everyone was sold out of it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to order it online. Checking out some of the sword sites, I may also pick up Arwen's sword, which is desk mounted rather than wall mounted, but still looks pretty slick.

More importantly, on a short-term basis, tonight is the season finalé of "Alias." It's been three weeks since the last episode, which was one of the worst of the three-year run of the series. Hopefully this one will be great, not only to make up for the last one, but to hold us over until January. That's right, season four of "Alias" isn't debuting until January, 2005. How stupid is that? At least the 20 S4 episodes will air in consecutive weeks, rather than the long breaks we had to deal with this season.