Tying up some loose ends...

On "Fight Night 2004": I forgot to mention a couple things in my review yesterday. First off, the decision to make Big Tigger the announcer was not a good one. As a ring announcer/intro man, fine, but not for play-by-play and commentary. Also on Xbox, the fact that the d-pad, rather than the left analog stick, controls ring movement is kind of annoying.

On "Chasing Liberty": Halfway through watching this movie, I thought maybe I'd been too harsh in my intial assessment. Then, it fell apart, and fell into a rehash of just about everything covered in "Crossroads," right down to the 18-year old sheltered virgin falling for a guy named Ben. And while critics were falling over themselves to say how great Mandy Moore was, I didn't notice anything different from her previous performances. At this point, she needs to develop in her acting style or just go away. That said, Mark Harmon (of "Navy NCIS") was pretty good as the president/overprotective dad.

On the DGOW: I'd be remiss if I didn't give major credit to SexyDesktop.co.uk. Sure, the link is in this week's description, but I can't emphasize enough how much you need to visit this site. They've got gigs worth of photos ready to go in 1024x768 resolution. For my purposes, I've had to delete a lot of background colors (to fit in with my whole black/white them) but they're great desktops overall.

On SportsPickle.com: I made passing reference to it before, but I am the current (and only ever) webmaster for SportsPickle.com, the best sports satire site on the 'net. It's updated every Wednesday (technically Tuesday afternoon/night) so check it out when you get a chance. There's a full archive online (the "Who's been Pickled" section) so you can see everything DJ and I have done since November 2001.

On daily updates: Yeah, don't get used to this. Sure, I'm going good right now, but all it takes is one bad day, and I'll end up going a week without an update. For now, all I can promise is that sometime next week (either Monday or Tuesday) the DGOW will change.