So I missed a day...

Yeah, I didn't post anything yesterday, but it really wasn't an interesting day, even though I was off from work. For those who are wondering, yes, I did buy the "Return of the King" theatrical edition DVD. And I'll buy the extended edition when it comes out in November. I'm a sucker like that.

Otherwise, I watched a whole bunch of movies. I got my Netflix movies cleared out, and I'm sending back "Liar, Liar" and "Dirty Harry" today. I sent back "Chasing Liberty" last week, but it still hasn't arrived, according to Netflix. I'm supposed to give them a week before reporting a shipping problem, so I'll wait.

As for my thoughts on the "ROTK" DVD, well, to be honest, it's nothing special. Sure, it's the best movie ever, but the real movie is the extended edition. As for the special features, they're pretty lame. It's just some self-congratulatory featurettes and the inclusion of the strangely random National Geographic special (which was previously available as a separate DVD, which, anyone who bought is now pissed about). Oh, there are also some character profiles, that were on the LOTR website before, so it's nothing new. Of course, anyone who's buying this edition knows what they're getting. The good stuff comes in November.

Speaking of good stuff, my sword is en route via Fed Ex ground. It's supposed to be here tomorrow, but with ground shipping, there's no guarantee. I'll let you know what happens.