Party on my day off...

So, my suspicions regarding the situation at work were on target. They set up a little party for me, which was nice. Pooz got me "Fight Night 2004" for Xbox, which I should be playing right now, but I'm getting my Netflix movies out of the way. I finished the Eddie Murphy flicks and I'm on to "Chasing Liberty." Mandy Moore plays the same fucking character in every movie, which is why I'm kind of interested to see "Saved," because it should at least be something new for her.

As for "Fight Night 2004," I haven't even opened it yet, but it does prove the strength of the EA curse. People think it's just the "Madden" curse -- the recent seasons of Daunte Culpepper, Marshall Faulk and Mike Vick prove that one -- but don't forget about the the other sports. Lennox Lewis was on the cover of "Knockout Kings" and got KO'd by Hasim Rahman. Dany Heatley was on "NHL 2004" and got into a serious car crash killing one of his teammates (perhaps the most extreme situation) and multiple covers didn't help MVP Baseball last year, where Randy Johnson and Miguel Tejada both suffered drops in their performance. Now Roy Jones, Jr. appears on "Fight Night 2004" and gets destroyed by Antonio Tarver. I guess Jones can only hope Tarver appears on the cover of an EA game before their next fight.

For more on this phenomenon, check out this site I found on the EA jinx. It's pretty interesting, though it ignores the recent boxing history completely. I guess we can only hope the jinx extends to "Madden 2005" cover boy Ray Lewis.