Memorial Day...

So today's Memorial Day and we're supposed to remember all the people who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Which is kind of what we do on Veteran's Day, but not quite the same. Given that we have two of these days yearly (but only one is a "national holiday" meaning banks and schools are closed and there's no mail) and the current national landscape of being in two wars that we're not really winning or losing, it's tough to get excited about today.

I did manage to achieve something today (well, actually late yesterday). I put up the photo album of the "Lord of the Rings" swords. There are some full length photos, as well as some closeups. Obviously the flash becomes an issue when taking pictures of a reflective metal surface, but you get the idea. I'm going to take some pictures of my living area today and get those up as well. Eventually, I'll have a whole "Photo Gallery" section up, though that could take months at the pace I'm going.

Phil called me up earlier this morning and we're going to go out for lunch later. I haven't seen him in awhile, so it should be fun. As for my plans for the rest of the week, obviously I'm going to the DMV tomorrow to get my license replaced, then after that I'll probably go to Borders to start writing. Hopefully I can bang out the final couple chapters in just a couple days, and then spend the rest of the week just chilling.

Oh, and I feel obligated to mention that I got around to installing the 10.3.4 update on all my computers and aside from my iBook everything went smooth. On my Cube, Bluetooth connectivity seems to be a little better, with my keyboard and mouse staying connected without issue for much longer.