Media Play’s gone...

So, I swang by Media Play, and it's gone. Well, the building isn't gone, but the store is closed. At first, it looked like it was just for renovations or something, but I went to Suncoast at Buckland Mall, and the woman there said they were closed for good. Also, in perhaps the weirdest of coincidences, she said to me "hey, weren't you at Hooters that night?" Apparently she and the Media Play crew went to the Hooters on the Berlin Turnpike the same night that I went with Pooz, Moore and Geoff and recognized me as a frequent Media Play shopper (I've been there so often in the past three years, I've earned over $300 in Replay Certificates).

I did manage to pick up what I needed to get from Suncoast, including the gift set from LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring. I really wanted the Argonath bookends and the National Geographic extra DVD, which would have cost me about $60 separately. So, I figured it was easier to buy the whole set and sell the sealed extended edition DVD, which I already own.

I also got a used Nintendo 64 from Game Stop, taking the first step toward rebuilding my video game system collection. Now I just need a Sega Saturn and an original NES. The NES will probably be easier to find, but the Saturn will be cheaper. Also, if I can't find my original GameBoy anywhere in the house, I'd have to consider getting one of those, although the GBA I'm getting is backwards compatible, so it may not be worth it.

Oh, and you may now notice to the right, the "Lindsay Lohan 18th Birthday Countdown Clock." Lindsay, like this week's DGOW Lacey Chabert, stars in the hit movie "Mean Girls" and is amazingly hot, but only 17, so it's not "OK" to call her "hot." So we all wait until July 2, and I can assure you that shortly thereafter, she'll be a DGOW.

And speaking of not-yet-legal movie stars, am I the only one who thinks it hilarious that Mary-Kate Olson got rear-ended by her bodyguard (in the vehicular sense, not the way you were thinking you dirty bastard). The Olson twins are much more popular than they should be. They need a few scandals and stupid doings to knock them down a few pegs. Besides, neither of them is nearly as good looking as Lindsay.