Last post of May...

Wow, I'm real creative with my post titles, right? Well, there's not a whole lot to say right now. It was a pretty crappy unofficial start to the summer. It was kind of muggy and rainy all day and never really got that bright out.

I went to lunch with Phil and met his girlfriend. We talked and reminisced about old times, which was fun. The barbecue at the house was kind of a washout, given the weather.

In case you look frequently (and I know by the hitcounts that you don't) I moved the webcam from the bedroom to the living room. Once I get my DV camera, I'll be able to alternate between the two of them, with a simple flip of an IP address in my router configuration.

Oh, and Lakers-T'Wolves game six starts in about 30 minutes, and apparently, Derek Fisher might have to sit it out due to a knee injury. While that might slow the Lakers' offense, I don't think it'll prevent them from winning the game. So long as they get the ball to Shaq, they'll be fine.

And if you haven't noticed, to the left, I've debuted a new feature called "Versus." It's something Pooz and I do frequently online, thanks to my crazy large collection of desktop girls and a dual-monitor setup. It's basically just "which girl do you like better." E-mail me with you comments, and I'll post the best ones on a Versus archive page, along with my selection and reasoning at the end of the week.