It’s Saturday

I'm off today, and just chilling. I'm probably going to swing by Media Play later to pick up some DVDs I've been waiting to get. I also decided to have Pooz pick me up Anduril. I may end up paying a little more than I would if I ordered it online, but it's worth it to not have to wait (all the online sites are backordered).

I saw "Shrek 2" last night, and I highly recommend you go see it. I actually found it funnier than the first movie and seeing it in DLP made it even better. The computer animation was stunning, and the story was a classic fractured fairy tale (right down to the self serving fairy godmother, who I thought was the best new addition to the movie).

Lakers beat the 'Wolves last night, not a surprise. After seeing part of the game (I was at the movie for most of it) I'm not sure Minnesota will win a game. They just have no way to stop Shaq (that's right, it's a Shrek-Shaq double-feature in today's blog). The Big Aristotle is once again proving why he's the most dominant player in the NBA today, and maybe ever -- I'm not saying "best," I'm saying "most dominant." I'm from the generation that fully believes Michael Jordan is the best NBA player ever (and maybe the best athlete) and nothing can convince me otherwise (oh, and despite my ownership of two Washington-era Jordan jerseys, I still say those two years never happened. To steal a line from Bill Simmons, I will not argue this. It's like the Tori year of "Saved by the Bell." Just never happened.).