I hate WTNH...

OK, I can't rationally discuss what just happened on "Alias," for two reasons. First: what the fuck was up with that ending? Is Jack really that evil and manipulative? How did Lauren know about the safe? And more importantly, who does Sydney kill first -- Jack or Sloane (you know his slimy ass plays into this somehow).

Second, and the reason for the title, is that WTNH decided to cut into the show for some dumb ass tornado warning right as Vaughn was shooting Lauren while torturing her. At least, it looked like Vaughn was shooting Lauren, but obviously he wasn't since she seemed fine later on. Apparently something happened there, but I don't know, since WTNH decided I needed to know about that stupid tornado in Colchester. I don't give a fuck. On top of all that, technical difficulties at WTNH (at least I assume it was technical difficulties and not pure idiocy) meant I could only watch the episode in 4:3, not HD. I hate WTNH.

And waiting until January for a resolution on any of what transpired, oh, that's gonna suck. At least I'll have the S3 DVDs to hold me over.

Oh, and I bought the sword online from World of Weapons. They claim to have it in stock, and it was only $175. I'll probably give them a call tomorrow to find out if it shipped. I want this thing ASAP.