Checking in again...

Wow, three entries in a single day. Never thought I'd do that, especially not in my first week of doing this, on a relatively boring day. I did manage to go to two different malls in Connecticut (Buckland and Westfarms), which isn't a big deal at all. I went to Westfarms today to trade in the "LOTR: Fellowship" EE DVD for some other stuff at FYE. I got the new double-disc version of "Enter the Dragon" (it's first anamorphic appearance on DVD) and the Usher CD.

I wasn't going to buy the Usher CD at first, but "Yeah!" still isn't on the iTMS and some of the other tracks on the CD are pretty catchy, so it was worth picking up, especially since I was getting it for store credit.

Pooz and Moore also checked back in from Philadelphia, trying to find a club/bar to go to and drink. They had another fun day at Wizard World, though apparently the line to see Eliza Dushku was too long. They did go back and make another visit to Aria Giovanni, who seems unusually interested in Pooz's life story. Tomorrow is the last day there, when they'll pick up my sword. It should be awesome.