One year in the real world

So I've been away for awhile now, right? And you're all thinking, "what's he been doing during this time?"

-Honestly, not much. Sure, I haven't been updating this site, but if you've been following, I've still been around. I've had plenty to write about on here at times, and not much at other times, but for now, we'll just ignore the last two months.

-I'm back because I realized a couple things: one, I had to make a choice about this site. I could either just resume this site as it was in March, kill it entirely and just leave, or redesign it and its function. Two: it's been one full year since I graduated college, so it seemed like a better time than any to resume publishing up here.

-I'm going to keep the layout and sections as are for now, but I won't be updating Reviews nearly as much as I had in the past, and I'll probably eventually kill Ramblings (that's what this front page serves for really). If anything, I'll try to expand the "About Me" links, and put in more information that might be of interest to you.

-I'm also going to try and get SportsBytes back onto a weekly schedule, but I'm still looking for a section to replace Tiger Tracks. Multi-Media is still working well for me, as is the eBay item of the week and the random prediction. I'll figure out something I'm sure.

-So what am I going to give you on my first day back? Well, new pictures of jerseys for one. I also re-org'd the NBA jerseys by team, since my new goal is to get every NBA team in addition to my NFL collection.

-Oh, I also posted a new section on the side, called "Listen." With iTunes 4, there's a feature where you can stream your music collection locally via Rendezvous, or over the internet through DAAP. Well, it took some annoying router configuring, but I've got my collection shared and a link posted. I'll change the link as my IP address changes, but you'll always be able to go to and get to my music. Enjoy.

-Peace out and welcome back.