Goodbye "Listen." Hello "Lists."

With the iTunes 4.0.1 update, the Internet Streaming feature is gone, which means it's back to carrying my iPod everywhere I go (which I did anyway, and it's probably better, since it helps me maintain more accurate playcounts).

Of course, it gets me to work on my lists section, which will basically be a whole bunch of lists of stuff. I know it sounds stupid, but I like listing stuff. For example, for now, I'm leaving up my Top 25 Most Played songs in iTunes. Tomorrow, I'm going to try and post my list of posters currently hanging in my two rooms, which will be separate from the house pictures that I'm going to post in the Pictures section.

I'm also going to post some music/movies lists, in particular, the CDs I currently have in my car (i.e. the last 12 CDs I've bought). Consider it a little more insight into my world.

Work was pretty good today, in part because we were able to keep busy. Also, I got "Enter the Matrix" for PS2, which kept me plenty busy yesterday afternoon, and seems like it'll be playable for a couple weeks before I finish it. I'll try to get a review up in the next couple days, even if I don't beat the whole thing. I did make it through the hacking section, even though I won't get the sword until I finish the game.

Oh, and I'm also going to try and have a new column up on tomorrow, probably about the Cavs coaching search. I may also update the Mock Draft -- Boris Diaw is rising again and the Nuggets are shopping their pick.

-Peace out and "Don't Steal Music."