Around the Horn

Well, I got up those preliminary lists yesterday like I promised, along with some pictures of my pad down here. Once my sister picks up her digital camcorder, I'm going to try and make an MTV Cribs style video for my apartment, giving you all a better idea of where I live.

And while I didn't get to yesterday, something great did happen last night. I was watching "Around the Horn" (I swear, I couldn't find the remote and was just caught between an MLB game and PTI) and right as Max Kellerman was about to say something completely idiotic, as he always does, the Emergency Alert System (a.k.a the system formerly known as emergency broadcast) kicked in and muted the entire show. Sure, it was to broadcast -- wait, alert -- a warning about the weather, but it just seemed so appropriate. All of them, especially Jay Mariotti, need to shut up.

I promise I won't be shutting up soon. I'll have some more updates this weekend, though they may be sparse, since I'm working the next four days.

-Peace out.