'Street Dreams' Are Made Of Hits

Street Dreams

The divide between gangster and lover is a pretty big one and rappers have often had a tough time crossing that divide.

Jay-Z has spent two albums trying to earn back his street cred. Ma$e was driven out of rap when he couldn't come off as hard.

Which makes Fabolous's "Street Dreams" a huge accomplishment. The rap superstar constantly flips between hard and soft, gangster and lover, on his second album, and does so with such a seemless nature you wonder why other rappers can't do it as well.

"Can't Let U Go" is a catchy radio hit which should have girls dancing along, while "Not Give A Fuck" keeps the thugs bangin'.

Event he bonus tracks follow the same formula, as Fabolous follows up the "Keepin' It Gangsta" remix with "Trade It All, Part 2," two very disparate, but very high quality remakes of songs off "Ghetto Fabolous."

The highlight of the album, at least for sports fans, is the extra track "Throw Back." The ode to the hottest piece of clothing out there is bound to be a club hit even bigger than "Air Force Ones."

Now, if someone would make a song about baggy shorts, we'd have the whole wardrobe covered.