Selling stuff...

So what did I spend my day off doing? Well, I put a bunch of stuff on eBay to sell. I'm trying to clear out some space in my room, plus make some money while I'm at it. I might eventually sell my whole baseball/football/basketball card collection in one fell swoop, save for my mini-collections (Meggett, Landeta, MJ, 'Nique, Augmon, Deion).

-I was going to put some of my autographed stuff online, but I couldn't bear to part with it. Those autographs are some of my only good memories from high school, so I'll hang on to them a little longer.

-As for other stuff, I finally optimized my drives on both my computers, and moved my ripped DVDs onto my external drive. And now that we have Formac Studios back in stock at the store, I'm going to pick one up eventually and rip my LeBron James games to DVD.

-I also posted a new SportsBytes for you to enjoy, with my new section. Check it out. Plus, I reviewed the Fabolous album and "Final Flight of the Osiris." Check out the reviews section for those.

-Peace out.