NCAA Tournament

It's less than 24 hours until the real tipoff of the NCAA Tournament, and I'm psyched. I think this'll be a good year for the tourney, even with war in the air.

-I posted my brackets for the whole world to see, and I'm going to spend some time tonight entering various tournament challenges. I picked Syracuse and Kentucky to meet in the final, and the Wildcats to win it all.

-I'm loving the new Fabolous album. Lil' Kim's joint isn't bad, but the Fabolous album is solid from start to finish (with the weird exception of the missing track). Watched "The Tuxedo" today, and I'm checking out "Knockaround Guys" right now. Barry Pepper's pretty good, and Seth Green isn't bad. Vin Diesel plays the same generic guy he alwasy goes, but since this was filmed before he got full of himself, he's tolerable.

-Oh, I also got "8 Mile" on DVD, and ripped the freestyles to MP3, and they rock.

-Peace out.