"Final Flight" Takes Off

"Dreamcatcher," the film adaptation of the King novel, is a good movie, with twists and turns and plenty of thrills.

But after seeing "Dreamcatcher," it's not what you're talking about.

No, the topic of conversation turns to "Final Flight of the Osiris," one of nine shorts that make up "The Animatrix," which adds to the story of "The Matrix."

"Final Flight" is almost as remarkable as the original "Matrix" film was. The computer animated 11-minute film blows the mind in its realisticness. Closeup shots of hair and skin are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and leave you wondering at times if there weren't models used in some kind of motion capture session that was then turned into actual footage.

The short also is great in that it sets the stage for "The Matrix Reloaded." It's been four years since "The Matrix" came out and there are gaps to fill in the story, which "Final Flight" serves to fill. The crew of the Osiris has discovered an attack on Zion, the last human city in the real world, and has to alert other members of the revolution to this news. One of the crew's members jacks into the Matrix and has to drop off a message before thousands of sentinals destroy the Osiris.

The whole thing plays out with such drama, it's easy to forget it's only 11 minutes long. Plus, the result of the mission is left in doubt, leaving the viewer to wait until the release of "Reloaded" to know for sure what happened.

If the remaining six Animatrix shorts are even close to "Final Flight" (two have already debuted online, with the rest to be released), then the DVD due in June is sure to be a big success.