Crazy at work

Well, it's been three weeks since my last update. I never thought I'd go that long between updates here. Actually, that's not true. On my old web sites, I'd go that long between updates all the time. I just hoped this site would be different.

-Things have been crazy at work lately. I'd like to go into more detail, but my NDA and other things prevent me from doing so, so I'll just leave it at "crazy." It's settling down now thought, and hopefully I'll be able to get back into a regular rhythm of updates.

-I won't have any real new content until Sunday at the earliest, but I did reorganize some stuff. I consolidated the movies, music and PS2 sections into one big reviews section, which will probably work better anyway. And I will try to review some of the things I promised to review earlier, even if those reviews will be a little out of date.

-Oh, and if you missed it, was in Sports Illustrated last week. I'll try to get a scan of the page up when I get a chance, because the article wasn't available online. Also, don't forget to check out I've written a few opinion pieces lately, and it's really taking off. I'm hoping to cover the Capital Classic in D.C. in person in April, but it all depends on if I can get time off from work.

-Peace out for now, and I promise to be back sooner rather than later.