New LeBron controversy

-Quickie update tonight.

-First, is updated with a new issue, and I really like this one, even though it is kind of vulgar. Also I posted a commentary on and updated the latest links from the web.

-There's a new LeBron controversy, but it really has nothing to do with what he did. It's about the ref that had his picture taken with LeBron after the SVSM-Westchester game Saturday night. Obviously a ref shouldn't be taking a picture with a player, but it's not on James to say no, it's on the ref to not ask for the picture. Nothing will happen to James here.

-I have the day off Saturday, and I'm thinking I'm going to change the "Friends and Family" section to "Pictures." I'll keep the pictures of Lilah up there, but I'll also throw up some pictures of my NFL jersey collection and my new iMacaquarium. Eventually I'll get pictures of my family up there, I mean other than my niece.

-And now I need sleep.

-Peace out