-Well, thanks to the quickness of Yahoo! Domains, LeBronJamesNews.com is already active and running.

So, since the domain is already working, I figured I should have somethink resembling a LeBron section up. Click on the button to the left, or just go to LeBronJamesNews.com to check it out.

It's amazing to think that of all the celebrities I've followed closely throughout the years, LeBron is the first for whom I've put up a web site. Right now, it doesn't really do him justice, but I'll work on that tomorrow, when I have the day off.

I'm also going to be writing for Eric Brandner's website, TintedView.com (which isn't active yet, so don't try to go there; I'll let you all know when it's up), so check those columns out eventually.

-Peace out.