First update in February

-It's my first update in February, and it's a pretty lame one. I'm not going to do SportsBytes today -- I'll probably save it for Wednesday, when I'm off from work again. I am going to review "Blue Crush," which I just picked up on DVD, so check out the movies section later for that.

-I will write about two things up here. First, LeBron James. Yes, I can't get enough of him, and it seems neither can the mainstream media. The latest incident, involving James's alleged free jerseys leaves me with one question: Wes Unseld? Sure, Gale Sayers is a cool retro football jersey, but Unseld? If you're going to ask for a free throwback basketball jersey, why not go for a white Jerry West Laker classic, or maybe a Buffalo Braves Bob McAdoo kit. Or maybe even my personal favorite, a rookie-year model Dominique Wilkins Hawks red and yellow style throwback. Of course, add to all this the fact that he already had an Unseld jersey (don't ask how he got it), and the fact that he ended up returning the jerseys before SVSM's next game (maybe he got back home and saw he already had every throwback jersey ever made) and you wonder why he received such a stiff punishment. Then you see him driving around in that platinumized customized Hummer and you know why.

-On a completely unrelated note, I've been playing a lot of Madden 2003 online lately, and I think I've come up with a new strategy. If you've been paying attention since I started writing this, I at one point had mentioned the unstoppability of Mike Vick as an offensive weapon. Well, that plan hit a snag -- called the Falcons' defense. Playing as Atlanta, I couldn't stop anyone, and I was losing a lot of 49-42 games. I've gone back to my familiar style of playing as the Redskins -- running with Stephen Davis and playing stout defense in the Nickle. I won three in a row at one point (though in two of them, my opponent disconnected, so the stats didn't count). Hopefully by Wednesday, I'll get my online stats page posted, with some additional notes on strategy.

-Peace out.