"Blue Crush" Crushed by Inconsistencies

Let's be honest here. If you're watching a movie like "Blue Crush," you're not really expecting a cinematic epic. You're looking for some semi-good, semi-clean fun, and really, that's what the movie delivers.

I never saw this movie in theaters, so I can't really compare the DVD experience to the theater experience, though the transfer seems good, the ocean scenes look spectacular and the sound isn't bad either.

The special features are OK, though I'm getting sick of behind-the-scenes documentaries that try to make the movie seem more important than it is. The wipeouts and action montage is quality, but the surf fashion special just isn't.

As for the movie itself -- and the movie still is the reason to buy any DVD -- it's one of many in a new sports genre: the "winner" who doesn't actually win in the end, but overcomes personal demons and wins the respect of everyone else. It's becoming almost as predictible as the "underdog winning when only they believe in themselves" movie, and it's got to stop.

The other big problem with the movie is Matthew Davis. This actor, who plays the NFL quarterback who falls in love with Kate Bosworth's Anne Marie, has so much range that his character is named Matt. You know an actor is bad when he has the same name as the character. It's the mark of "this guy couldn't get his names straight so we just changed the name to match his." Other than that, which is a minor thing really, is that he doesn't look like a quarterback, much less an All-Pro one. Throughout the movie, if you're a football fan, you'll find yourself looking at Davis and thinking he looks more like a kicker than a QB. Also, his buddy lineman (Faizon Love, who was also in the Replacements) is too short and out of shape to be a Pro Bowl lineman, which is really saying something.

Forgetting the football, the plot kind of, almost makes sense, but it's very cliché. When it comes down to it, you'll find yourself skipping entire scenes just to get to the surfing, which plays out well in the movie.

When it comes down to it, you'll look at "Blue Crush" and wonder why someone didn't just make a documentary about female surfers instead of tacking on a Cinderella-esque plot to a decent surfing flick.

My Grade: C-