Air Force Ones

"I said give me two pair
(cause) I need two pair
So I can get to stompin in my Air Force Ones
(Big boys) stompin in my Air Force Ones"

Why am I in a Nelly mood tonight? Well, maybe it's because I -just picked up a pair of 20th anniversary Air Force Ones (navy on white) at Foot Action this afternoon. Or it could be because I found a site ( that sells the classic White-on-Whites for a reasonable price (that is, if you think $135 is reasonable for any pair of sneakers). I can't decide if I want to get the White-on-Whites, or if I want to wait until later this year, when the LeBron I -- whether by Nike or Adidas is still unknown -- inevitibly arrives. Knowing me, I'll buy the White-on-Whites now and add the LeBrons to my collection later.

-Speaking of LeBron, there's been no new news today, which is probably a good thing for my sanity. has been more work than I ever could have expected, though I really did bring it on myself. Of course, right now it's still in the fun stage, much like was for the first few months. Who knows when it'll become more of a burden than it's worth, but hopefully that won't be for awhile (and once James hits the NBA, I might actually be able to go to some games in Boston or New York, which would be very cool).

-Peace out.