Super Bowl “celebration”

-I'm sitting here wearing my creamsicle Bucs Alvin Harper jersey in semi-celebration of the Bucs win over Oakland in the Super Bowl. Because I have jerseys for every NFL team, I can do this, but I really hate the Bucs. I don't know why, I just do.

That said, my disappointment in the result of yesterday's game didn't prevent me from updating the site, on time for once. I've got a new SportsBytes up, along with a Super Bowl commercial recap in Ramblings. Oh, and I got a quick DVD review recap up in the movies section, covering all the DVDs I picked up in January.

-Oh, and time for a quick LeBron James update. He was cleared of all allegations in the Hummer investigation, proving once again that the OHSAA just wanted to look like they cared about James's amateur status while making sure he got to play the rest of the season. There's no way Gloria James could have been approved for a $50,000 loan unless she put up her son's NBA career as collateral. Of course, if the OHSAA, SVSM, and ESPN can make money off LeBron, why shouldn't his mom be able to do the same? What do you think? Let me know.

-Peace out.