SportsBytes #2.7

Rant off the bat...

I'm very happy the Oakland Raiders won the AFC Championship game and are playing in the Super Bowl, but not for the obvious reasons.

Sure, it's nice that Jerry Rice is getting to play in another Super Bowl, or that Jon Gruden is going to suffer supreme defeat at the hands of his old team. But that's not why I'm happy they won. I just needed a change of luck.

You see, two weeks ago, when I went to Towson, I wore three different NFL jerseys. On Friday I wore Michael Vick's No. 7, and then on Saturday, the Atlanta Falcons fell to the Philadelphia Eagles. On Saturday, I wore the black and gold of Plaxico Burress, whose Steelers fell to the Tennessee Titans. Then on Sunday, I impersonated Terrell Owens, who got crushed as a member of the 49ers in their defeat at the hands of Tampa Bay.

Then, after wearing my Oakland jersey on Saturday, I watched the NFC Championship while wearing the jersey of injured punter Sean Landeta of the Philadelphia Eagles -- who lost to the Bucs. D'oh. So it took Oakland's win over Tennessee for me to avoid going 0-for-5 for the last two weeks.

And, thanks to the advice of Crash Davis, I'm not going to mess with a streak. I'll be wearing my lucky reversible Tim Brown jersey on Sunday, rooting for the Bucs to go down in flames.


• The mass media did a great job of reporting about the UConn women's basketball team's record win streak this past week, but kept making one major mistake. Often times, the media referred to UConn breaking the streak of Leon Barmore's Louisiana Tech team, which wasn't really accurate. Sure, the record was held by the Lady Techsters, but Barmore was only an assistant on that team. Sonja Hogg was the head coach at the time, even if Barmore is better known now. Lets put it this way: 20 years from now, no one is going to refer to this as Chris Dailey's UConn team, no matter how good of a head coach she eventually becomes.

• Tuesday was Super Bowl Media Day, and this year's event offered up one of the worst things Media Day has ever seen. Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show Period" (a misnomer if there's ever been one) sent a Don King impersonator (Aries Spears of Mad TV) to the Tampa Bay Bucs' portion of Media Day to do basically nothing but disrupt things. It was a complete farce. At least when MTV and Nickelodeon send people, they ask questions and file reports. If the NFL brass had any balls, they'd revoke Fox Sports' credentials for the rest of the week for pulling such a stunt. But considering the network is paying billions of dollars to broadcast regular season and playoff games (plus every few Super Bowls), the league is going to do nothing of the sort.

Tiger Tracks

• The quest for the America East defectors crown hit a road bump last week. Towson got off to a good start, beating Hofstra for its first CAA win of the season, but then got shelled by Drexel, after sweeping the Dragons last season. The Tigers have very little to play for this season, so defending the fictional "defectors title" (the best record in games among Towson, Delaware, Drexel and Hofstra) is high on the list. The Tigers managed to go 5-1 last season, losing only to Hofstra in Towson, so they could still match that. It'll probably take more performances like those Lawrence Hamm has provided of late. He averaged 14.5 points, 9.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists last week to be named CAA Rookie of the Week for the second time this season. He's really starting to come along, just like Michael Hunt said his freshmen would. Things could actually be looking up in the TigerDome.

eBay Item of the Week

• Two tickets to Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. No location known, as the tickets were from a Charity Auction. Ends Jan. 22, 2003, 4:04 p.m PST.

Random Prediction

• No Randomness this week. Oakland 31, Tampa Bay 13.