Minority Report DVD Review

Back on one of my old web sites, I gave the theatrical release of Minority Report a very good rating, mostly because I thought the movie was what A.I. should have been.

However, the DVD is the exact opposite - while the movie is still good, the features don't add much and the transfer doesn't seem as good as it should be.

In theaters, almost everything about Minority Report seemed to be slick and glossy where it needed to be, and human where it was needed. However, that doesn't come through on the DVD. For some reason, it seems kind of flat. The picture is beautiful, and the sound is strong, but it just isn't what a DVD should be.

As for the special features, well, there are a lot of them. I haven't even gotten through all of them yet. The stuff about Spielberg putting together a team of experts to design the future 50 years from now was interesting, but I'd already read about that stuff plenty of times before. Some of the stuff seems way too self congratulatory, especially from Spielberg.

The movie itself is still good, but multiple viewings reveal large plot holes that mar the overall quality of the film.

Still, all that said, this DVD belongs in your collection. The movie is one of the best of 2002, and it was filmed beautifully, even if the DVD doesn't do it justice. Plus, it's better than any other Tom Cruise movie of the past five years, and Samantha Morton is still a scene stealer.

Overall: B-minus.