Latest update

-Again, I'm late with the updates this week, but I do have more than just SportsBytes for you today. In the Ramblings section, I have the long awaited Michael Jordan Consipiracy Theory article. It's a true rambling, as in it doesn't make much sense, but it makes perfect sense, which is what makes it creepy.

-I also added my Top 25 Most Played playlist to the iTunes section, so you can see which songs are coming up the most. No. 1 is "Trade it All, Part II" by Fabolous featuring P. Diddy and Jagged Edge. Of course, the play counts are only since iTunes 3 came out, so obviously newer songs are going to be played more.

-Work has been going pretty well lately. We're getting caught up on repairs (though I don't want to jinx it) and things haven't seemed as bad lately, though I still haven't made much progress on the book (when I do, I'll post an updated PDF for you to read).

-Otherwise, things are slow, and there's really not much to talk about, so I'll just drop to the closing.

-Peace out.