-You ever have one of those days where you question why you do what you do?

Well, that's what Thursday was like for me. It just seems like after about 1:30, nothing was going right, and I got extremely frustrated. Going to Towson last weekend and covering the basketball game made me realize how much I missed that.

I also felt like my job was getting in the way of me finishing my book, or at least making some progress on it.

Fortunately, Friday was much better, from a work standpoint and things are looking up for me. I might try to do some work on my book tonight or tomorrow, and I'll get some site updates up this weekend as well.

I finally picked up "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," last year's game of the year, and I'm probably going to play it for awhile this afternoon, but I will get some more of this site done.

Peace out.