First entry of 2003

Well, I got a day off today, so here it is, my first entry of 2003.

-It's been an interesting year so far. It seems like it snows every day, and the mall closed early one day this week, the second time in less than a month that's happened. Otherwise, things are going well at work. The Macworld San Francisco Expo Keynote is tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it, my first as an Apple employee.

-As for the site, I've got a new SportsBytes up, a short review of the Minority Report DVD as well as the Back to the Future trilogy, and an extra sports column about the Fiesta Bowl.

-Oh, and I changed the Tech Talk section to Ramblings. I can't really comment on any sort of technology without appearing partial or violating my non-disclosure agreement. Plus, there's always stuff I want to write about that doesn't fit in any section. So I'm going to put it there. The Fiesta Bowl thing is there, and more stuff will be there soon.

-Peace out, adios por ahora.